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First GPX Lib Test Drive

I did my first test drive this morning using my arduino GPS hardware (which I will post an article about soon) running my GPX library.  The most major issue I found is that apparently I have longitude and latitude swapped in my GPS example code which can be found at the dev branch on github. Here is the track I recorded this morning.


Arduino GPX Library Project v0.1

I have completed my first version of a library to [hopefully] help in the generation of GPX files on an Arduino processor.  I have successful generated output that validated successful for the example code.  I am going to be integrating it into my current GPS project later today so there may be some changes soon.



Hello world!

Finally started a generic blog for the random projects and other comments I have going on.  No idea how often I’ll update but w/o being tied to a specific topic should help 🙂

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