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Arduino Producer-Consumer Library v0.1

As I mentioned in my last post I have cleaned up the Producer-Consumer library I started yesterday. It now includes the Producer class and some examples.

Technically I believe the Producer::writeBuffer(…) method should report back that the buffer is full so that the Producer stops writing to the buffer until the Consumer has read something from the buffer. The particular use I have for this I am more interested in the most recent values rater then stale values in the buffer so if the buffer overflows it will send a buffer overflow message to the Consumer on the next read, then reset the buffer ( _buffRead = _buffWrite ).



Arduino GPX Library Project v0.1

I have completed my first version of a library to [hopefully] help in the generation of GPX files on an Arduino processor.  I have successful generated output that validated successful for the example code.  I am going to be integrating it into my current GPS project later today so there may be some changes soon.


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