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New Sanquino Version 0023R4

Published on June 23, 2012, by in Arduino, Software.

The last few months has been busy for me, but I’m finally getting time to put back into electronics.  I had found that INT2 was not accessible with the previous Sanquino core I had built so after fixing that as well as a couple other bugs others had pointed out I put together a quick release.  As I say on the Google Code site, this will probably be the last release for Arduino 0023.  I am going to start putting my time into getting the bootloaders/cores working with Arduino 1.0 ( If possible)  I do not want to go the route of a fully forked arduino environment.  There is not necessarily anything wrong with that but I like the idea of a plugin much better and hopefully we can keep that alive.

Download the new version HERE

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