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Finally Some Good SNOW!

Summit of Cannon Mountain, NH

Summit of Cannon Mountain, NH

We finally had some good snow move in, in the last 3 days around 12″ fell making for some good skiing. I logged today with the Skiing GPS Logger in it brand new case and got a TON of data.   In previous runs the datalogger would periodicity reset, I’m guessing due to a short in its old case or need to be manually reset for what ever reason.  After moving to this new case, it did not need to be reset all day! Also all of the data was written in a single file indicating that it did not reset it self all day.

Cannon - 2012-01-22

The days data.


I managed to cover a good part of the mountain today.  The image above was generated by Merkaartor.  There are a couple bugs in my software right now where it doesn’t close some tags, but the idea is that the files generated should be able to be opened directly by anything that can read GPX format, so I have some things to look at there.  After running a quick sed script to close the tags the data imported nicely.  I believe this is the first run I have done since upping the sampling rate to 5hz and it makes a huge difference. (more…)


GPS Logger Hardware v4.2


I didn’t change anything with the electronic parts, but did get a new case for the data logger.  I tried long and hard but could not find a way to fit the GPS antenna inside the case.  The Molex connector goes to the  status LED and switch shown earlier.  The switch I changed from being a run/stop switch to just switching power, which allows me to get everything packaged up the night before. The usual status LEDs are inside the case, but are not visible during operation, which seems to be ok.

The board doesn’t line up with any of the mounting holes, even REV:B which I added mounting holes do not line up, I am pretty sure I can modify the board to fit these mounting holes though.  Over all this case it larger then I would like, hopefully with some other modifications I can get the size down a bit.  Putting it into this case did stabilize the device quite a bit, I had a good run which I will talk about in another post where it did not reset all day and churned out some very nice data.



While it looks like congress is back peddeling pretty quickly, they are still going forward with SOPA/PIPA which could fundamentally break the internet. Messing with the distributed nature of the internet will but the United States on par with some of the most aggressive censorship countries.  In an open letter signed by the 83 high profile internet engineers including Vint Cerf a co-designer of TCP/IP explained their concerns that such legislation would damage the internet.

Below is a while a little outdated a very good explination of what SOPA/PIPA is:

PROTECT IP / SOPA Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

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