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GPS Logger Hardware v3


Well this is not as much a new version but moving the components off the breadboard. It has always been my intension to use the small prototyping area on the microSD shield for my first revision of the hardware. All in all it has worked out well, the shield is for the most part the exact right size, nothing is too tight, but yet it is still small enough to fit in a small box along with the LiPo battery.

Data Logger -  Finally off the breadboard

Once again I mounted the Arduino Mini a bit odd, in order to line up SPI bus as much as possible it was mounted upside down, having the headers split the way they are is nice as I can still take test measurements and make temporary connections.


The LCD display is more or less just for debugging as when I was placing the molex headers it has to hang over the edge when in use. Which is fine since it is the most power hungry device anyways. I used the pins usually used for the Arduino stackable headers so I needed to cut the traces to the holes on the proto board sections. This would have worked perfectly if it had been a two layer board, but apparently they used a 3 or more layer board since I managed to kill the ground connection the reset switch.


The next step will be to figure out what to do with the GPS/Sensor ‘board’ I am leaning towards keeping it on the lilypad and sewing it into a hat. I still need to work out the mechanics of mounting the SUP500F GPS module as it is a bit top heavy for just a thread mounting.

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