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GPS Logger Hardware v5.0

Published on March 20, 2012, by in Hardware.

Got another rev of the Skiing Datalogger, I had REV:B boards made but never built one up since I knew of the issue with the gyro and the holes didn’t line up with the case. This board is REV:C which I added some holes, all the flying wires are gone (so far) except the rework of the Venus GPS module which Sparkfun has changed in their new version. I have tested the individual components. Only the accelerometer is giving me issues at the moment. It is doing the same thing as the 6dof board though so it could be something in my code.
Datalogger Front Panel v1
I also had a board to be used as a front panel made, mainly to give a better way to connect to the remote keypad but it also serves as a place to LEDs and switches. The LEDs are bottom entry mounted on the back of the panel. Switches being surface mount on the front.

The front panel is connected to the batter, then to the board by JST connectors. The switches and LEDs go through a 6pin and a 2pin shrouded 0.1″ headers which is intended to be through hole. I have bent the pins 90degrees and soldered them to surface mount pads spaced 0.1″. This seems to be relatively secure but time will tell.
The Connectors definitively clean stuff up, and the mounting holes should make things most stable. I would like to move to smaller connectors on the front panel. I am thinking it will be tough to get the xbee in there if I ever do get the software right to talk to the remote sensors.

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