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New Datalogger User Interface

Published on February 4, 2012, by in Hardware.

Previously I have used this interface sewn into a glove to start new tracks in the GPX file and also give me a visual indication that the device is logging data.  The main problem with this system is I can not come up with a good way of disconnecting the glove from the wire to the base unit making taking the jacket and gloves on and off a challenge.   It happens that Sparkfun has a nice ‘wearable keypad’ that I decided to use.  The keypad has a 4-way directional switch, a center switch, and a LED which lights it up.  All the switches and LED reference a single ground pin which is the same method I used for the glove interface so this was a drop in replacement.

Rather then attaching the keypad to the glove again I opted to attach it to the jacket, which should take care of the issue around removing and putting on the jacket.  I also did not want to sew it onto the jacket just yet, so I just pushed some wire through the excess rubber around the keypad making some loops that the strap in the jacket can pass through.

Hoping to try this setup out tomorrow, and collect some more data.

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